01. She was in [surgery] for over 5 hours to remove a large tumor on her brain.
02. Peter visited his sister, who had just recovered from heart [surgery].
03. She underwent [surgery] to remove a small lump in her breast.
04. I spoke to the [surgeon] about the operation before going to the hospital.
05. The doctor told me that I will need [surgery] for my kidney problems.
06. Actress Loni Anderson apparently had her breasts [surgically] reduced because they were so big they were causing her back problems.
07. Your [surgery] will be at 9:00 tomorrow morning, so you can't have any food after midnight.
08. Rita Rudner once joked, "I was going to have cosmetic [surgery] until I noticed that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso."
09. The knee is the most easily injured of all the joints in the body, and the area most frequently treated by [surgeons].
10. The doctor had to perform operations without the proper [surgical] instruments because the country was too poor to purchase them.
11. [Surgery] involves many fine and delicate finger movements.
12. Just before the [surgery] began, a tube was inserted into the patient's nose.
13. In 1865, Joseph Lister became the first doctor to utilize disinfectant during [surgery].
14. Recent studies show that half of North American women will develop a breast tumor at some time in their life, but luckily [surgery] is no longer the only cure.

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